DIY: Makeup Organizer with Drawers

I’ve been wanting a new makeup organizer. My old one has proved to be way to small for all the new products I’ve been buying recently.  I really like having my stuff organized, but I wasn’t exactly excited about spending big bucks for a new organizer.  So, over spring break, I did a little DIY project and made my own.

I started off with a Sterilite Wide Drawer Organizer that I bought at Walmart for $12. For some reason, I can’t find these online on because the only version of this they offer is bundled in a 3 pack.  Weird.

Anyway. The drawers are wide enough to fit a normal piece of printer paper, but there are no dividers inside.  I didn’t really want my makeup rattling around in the drawers, so I figured I’d make some custom dividers for each drawer.

I didn’t want to have to cut wood to make dividers, but my dad had some foam board that he bought at the Dollar Tree.  I used a Sharpie, a ruler, and a razor knife to measure and cut the dividers.  It is super important to watch the height of your dividers for each drawer, otherwise they are going to hit the top of the container, and they aren’t going to open and close or even fit inside of the container.

I used a lot of my actual products to figure out the length of each compartment I wanted. So for example, I used my longest eyeliner and added a few centimeters to the the length of the divider for the eyeliner compartment.


Then I used my trusty hot glue gun, and glued the dividers to the bottom of each drawer.  I am a clutz, so I got hot glue on the bottom of the drawers, and it was impossible to get off. In fact, hot gluing the foam board in general let off some not great fumes, so don’t breathe in deep. ;)

To fix the bottom, my mom gave me some contact paper (paper that is used in cabinets with a sticky bottom and a grid on the back to use as a cutting guide) that she had gotten at an auction.


I wanted something I could wipe off if a product spilled, and contact paper is perfect for that. I cut out the contact paper for each individual compartment and pressed it inside.  Then, I filled it up, and ta-da, a brand new makeup organizer, and I only paid $12.  It’ll be around $20 if you are buying contact paper ($6), the foam board ($1), and the container ($12).


I swear, that dang Naked palette ruined everything! Luckily the drawers still open with it inside, but I made the organizer before the palette came, and I assumed it would be a a lot shorter. Oh well. As long as it fits.


I am definitely pleased with the end product. It’s perfect for my dorm room because it keeps my makeup organized and hidden away.  The best part is that it’s customized to the products that I have, and frees up one of my desk drawers (where I used to keep my makeup) for my other beauty products.

Where do you keep your makeup? Do you have a makeup organization system? How’s the weather where you are? (We had a snow day here in Maryland yesterday! I’m ready for spring!)


6 thoughts on “DIY: Makeup Organizer with Drawers

  1. subtle dancer March 26, 2013 / 11:36 am

    Looks great! I’ve been keeping my makeup in a couple of makeup bags because my bathroom is really cramped and lacks proper storage, plus I’m moving soon. But I would like to have a little set up on my desk. I’ve got some storage ideas up my sleeves using odds and ends I’ve picked up from Goodwill recently. This post makes me eager to get working on this project! :)

    • Sam March 27, 2013 / 5:36 am

      Goodwill can be awesome! I went there last week, and I bought one of those big hardback travel makeup cases that open on a hinge, which usually cost like $40, and it was brand new and only cost me $8. I went to a richer area Goodwill, and the quality of products was crazy. They had Abercrombie and Hollister clothes that looked like they’d never been worn! Sigh. Rich people.

  2. Silvia Flores March 26, 2013 / 11:00 pm

    I really want to try this now! This is a good idea, not for just makeup but for anything else that you might have around! Thanks for the idea!

  3. beaute Sage March 27, 2013 / 9:00 pm

    I love this idea — I want one too! a great way to organize

  4. Jen March 30, 2013 / 9:11 pm

    This is really cute! Unfortunately, I have waaay too much makeup to ever be able to fit in a small three tier drawer. I’ve been playing around with makeup storage for years and I have yet to find something I’m completely happy with!

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