10 Things I Love(d) About England | #3 – the Market

One of my favorite places in Leicester is the market. In my hometown, farmer’s markets are usually expensive or much more expensive than the grocery store but, here it’s the exact opposite.

Leicester Market sells good quality produce at really cheap prices which is really good for a budget-conscious college student like me who likes to eat healthy.

You can buy a whole bowlful of bell peppers (about five or six) for £1 which comes to about $1.64USD. That’s so crazy to me because back home bell peppers sometimes go on sale for $1 per pepper. The quality is always freakishly good too.

leicester marketleicestermarketleicester market 2leicestermarket

Like I mentioned yesterday about walking every where in Leicester, shopping at a local market like this really makes you feel more connected to the community. 

I would love to shop locally when I am at home, but it just isn’t financially possible for me. Still, being able to shop locally here makes me feel good.

I know that by shopping at the Market I am supporting the community and, I am paying the salary of the people who brave the cold to sell their fruits and veggies. It’s also better for the environment because they aren’t shipping stuff all over the place and wasting a bunch of oil.

I really wish the US had some kind of equivalent. It’s going to be a painful transition going back to paying an arm and a leg for my produce.


At about 5 p.m. every night, the market clears and the trucks roll in to pack everything up. It must be a real pain to have to haul all that produce out in the morning and than pack up the leftovers at night. Talk about a long day.

Only 8 more days until I return to the US.

Do you shop at a market or grocery store?


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