10 Things I Love(d) About England | #4 – Christmas

Since I grew up in the US, I’ve never really thought about how long the time is between Halloween and Christmas because we have Thanksgiving in the middle. Obviously, in England – that isn’t the case. England starts decorating for Christmas in October and, their decorations are full-out by early November.

And when England gets ready for Christmas…they get ready for Christmas.

christmas jumper

I talked about the Christmas jumpers (sweaters) before, but a quick recap: English people like Christmas jumpers. They wear them all the time. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see people walking around in the mall wearing a Santa hat and a reindeer sweater…in November.

christmas lights leicester town hallleicester christmas tree

At first, I thought it was a little weird when I saw workmen all over town in October hanging up Christmas lights. But when they turned them on – it’s so magical. I’ve been to New York and, I’ve seen the Christmas lights, but here in Leicester there are just so many. It’s hard not to be impressed.

I guess the people who live here are long used to it, but I still think the lights are pretty darn cool.

real santa in snow ball mall

I also find it kind of funny that that Santa Clause in the mall here is inside of a giant snow globe. I can’t decide if I find it really bizarre or just unique. I think I am leaning towards bizarre. Regardless, people line up in an hour long queue just to get their photo taken. It must be something about that snow globe.

rides in town

Something else that I’ve never seen in the US – at the end of November this strange pop-up carnival appeared in the center of town. There are rides and places to buy hot chocolate and candy floss (cotton candy).  It’s more for  kids, but I’ve seen quite a fair share of adults on the flying swings at the end there. I guess that’s what happens when they sell ciders next to the funnel cakes.

Are you doing anything Christmas-y/holiday related this weekend?

7 days before I return to the US.


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