Turning 21 and Drinking

Today is my 21st birthday, but the thing is I’ve never had much of a desire to drink. In fact, the first time I tasted a drink, I was surprised. I had always imagined that alcohol would taste well…good, but the first word that came to mind when I took a sip was well…not good.

When I got to college, I still didn’t see much of the draw of drinking so, I continued to avoid it. A lot of people my age found this weird. I noticed that some even got defensive when the subject came up as if my choice not to drink was a judgement on them. I quickly learned to carry a cup or bottle at parties in order to avoid the topic all together.


Me not drinking has never ever ever ever been a judgement on anyone else. It has always been a personal choice, and I can’t express how much I appreciate the people who have realized that over the past few years. It can sometimes be alienating to be the sober oddball, but nothing makes it worse than someone who takes it upon themselves to make a big deal about it.

Now that I am 21, I may start going out to bars. I might start having a drink every once in awhile. I might start drinking on a more regular basis. Or I might also choose to continue to abstain from alcohol. The thing is it’s my choice.

turning 21 expectation vs reality

I get that some people like to drink. I understand that it’s a nice social activity or just plain relaxing for some people. In fact, I really enjoyed the pub atmosphere in England. And maybe one day that will be me, but it will be in my own time and at my own pace. It will be when I feel comfortable and, that’s not something that’s tied to age for me.

So, while 21 may mark my legal entrance to the drinking world, I’m not exactly sure what I want to do with my ticket. For tonight though, after a 5 a.m. wake up call I think I’ll just stick to pizza, ice cream cake, and an early bed time. I know – I am the hippest 21-year-old on the block.

What’s your favorite drink (alcoholic or non) when going out?


21 thoughts on “Turning 21 and Drinking

    • Sam December 30, 2013 / 3:04 pm

      Thank you :) Happy New Year!

  1. Delia December 30, 2013 / 10:33 am

    If you want to try out some alcoholic beverages, but don’t like that specific alcohol taste, a nice choice would be red wine(or white if you prefer), beer (if you like more bitter stuff, plus there are those lemon-flavoured beers which are really good), chocolate liquor or flavoured vodka (I’ve got a bottle with kiwi at home, pretty nice).
    Hopefully you find this somewhat helpful and you won’t think I’m a total drunkard, haha!

    • Delia December 30, 2013 / 10:36 am

      Did I just totally fail to wish you happy birthday? I’m hopeless.

      • Sam December 30, 2013 / 3:05 pm

        LOL Thank you ;) Happy New Year!

  2. myclosetnbeautyfinds90 December 30, 2013 / 12:29 pm

    Happy 21st Birthday Sam! I’m 23, and the first time I had my first real alcoholic drink was when I turned 23! I’ve always hated the taste of alcohol (the little sips I’ve had here and there), and so it’s never really appealed to me. I thought I was the only one who wasn’t too keen on drinking. Good to know I’m not alone! When I did go out and have a drink for the first time, I had a peach Bellini. It doesn’t taste like alcohol at all. It’s fruity. But I don’t see myself drinking very often still. Just special occasions I guess.

    • Sam December 30, 2013 / 3:07 pm

      There are some drinks that I think taste alright, but beer is so gross to me. I can’t understand how so many people drink it. BLEH!

      • myclosetnbeautyfinds90 December 30, 2013 / 4:49 pm

        HAHA! I know! I don’t get it either! They say it’s an acquired taste, but really? I don’t get how sooo many people can acquire a taste for something that I think taste so disgusting.

  3. budziak December 30, 2013 / 1:09 pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAAAY!!! I drink every now & then; vodka tonics & Moscow mules for me. I used to drink a ton, but that was pre-21 me and now, I hardly have time for it. It becomes more of a hassle than fun. Example: That ugly sweater party I attended was a bar crawl & I drank more than I should have, I somehow managed to change my laptop password when I came home and it took me a week & a half to crack my own password -_-

  4. budziak December 30, 2013 / 1:10 pm

    P.S. I’m so stuck on Breaking Bad on Netflix. What will you be watching?!

    • Sam December 30, 2013 / 3:10 pm

      LOL at the password! And thank you :) I’ve been rewatching Desperate Housewives since like October. I’m in a TV rut. I tried to get into BB but, I was too grossed out in the episode where the body drops through the floor after they pour acid in the bathtub. Ick. I’m too wimpy to watch it.

  5. Kavi December 30, 2013 / 2:22 pm

    Happy 21st Birthday Sam! Hope you have a great day :)

    • Sam December 30, 2013 / 3:10 pm

      Thank you very much! :)

  6. Kelly FlatEleven December 30, 2013 / 2:33 pm

    Happy 21st birthday Sam! I ended up passed out on the bathroom floor on my 21st. So, at least you have a much stabler plan… anyways, I think whatever people choose to do is great. My fiancé is not much of a drinker and I’ve always been happy about that. X

    • Sam December 31, 2013 / 9:05 am

      Thank you so much. I was cuddling with my Kindle by 11 p.m. (I am so exciting like that). ;) Happy New Year to you and your fiancé!

  7. nyrmirez December 30, 2013 / 6:22 pm

    Happy Birthday Sam! I’m not much of a drinker and I still enjoy myself at bars. Like you said it’s your choice and it shouldn’t matter to others. I hope you enjoyed your day.

    • Sam December 31, 2013 / 9:05 am

      Thank you. Happy New Year!

  8. EyeOfTheBeholder December 31, 2013 / 2:43 am

    Happy Birthday! Fellow no alcohol drinker here. I had a few years where people thought that was weird (especially with being Belgian, home of beer) but as I get older people don’t ask about it as much and when they do I don’t get half as much judgement. So just stick it out for a few more years and then it’s likely to pass ;)

    • Sam December 31, 2013 / 9:07 am

      Thank you! That’s good to hear. I guess it’s because people usually get away from the heavy drinking party atmosphere once they start getting older.

  9. Juul December 31, 2013 / 6:04 am

    Happy birthday! I understand the ‘not drinking’ thing. It’s legal for me to drink in The Netherlands, but I rarely do it. I like some wine with dinner, but when I do out I usually just stick to non-alcoholic. Some people ask why I don’t drink but they never make a big deal out of it ;)

    • Sam December 31, 2013 / 9:11 am

      Thanks :) When I was in England and spent time with Europeans, I really had no problems with people caring whether I drank or not. It seems to me there is a much more relaxed view of alcohol in Europe. It’s better because it doesn’t encourage the binge drinking party life that you see more with young people in the US.

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