Essie: The Lace Is On

Essie nail polish names are really sort of strange.

I mean, I know nail polishes usually have “fun” (i.e. corny) names but, the Essie names can sometimes be a mystery to me. Case in point, for Christmas I got this beautiful purple/maroon Essie shade which is named The Lace Is On. I mean, I get it but…I don’t get why a nail polish would be named that. I know, I am thinking too hard about this. Maybe I should just put on my I ♥  Essie shirt and run with it. After all, it has become my favorite shade as we ride out the rest of this helluva winter.


Like all Essie shades, it’s pretty good in the anti-chip department. But, what really seals the deal for me is the color. With tiny bits of sparkle mixed in, this purple has the right shine to play up the dark pigment. It’s a great end of winter polish and is classy enough to sit well with any outfit.

It’s purple…but, it’s a dark enough purple that it doesn’t make me flashback to my high school self wearing jelly bracelets and pretending I liked Angels and Airwaves.


And despite their bizarre choice in names, Essie knows that I’ll keep coming back for more. This bottle will make #7 in the ever growing collection of this awesome brand, making the score: Essie: $42 | Sam: -$42.


What polish have you been rocking recently?


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