Pins of the Week: 3/2 – 3/7

I hope everyone has some fun weekend plans. Mine involve three weeks of laundry. Yeah – I meant to get around to that eventually.

eye tutorial

This is a really pretty natural eye look. It’s darker than I usually go for but, I like that the lid is still bright so it’s not totally overwhelming.

ab ball

I have an ab ball that I use a lot but, I losing interest in my routine. It’s tough because my space is pretty limited in my room but luckily, most of these don’t require a lot of moving around.

dollar store crafts

Say what? I’m all about the Dollar Store so, dollar store crafts sound like a plan to me.


I don’t know why I pin pictures that involve plants. I can’t keep more than one plant alive at a time. It’s kind of a problem. I pick a favorite and refuse to water the others…

spring fashion

The forecast says spring weather is on it’s way! I love this scarf and, I am definitely ready to get a new bright, floral scarf for the warmer months. Also, I am really looking forward to wearing a t-shirt outside. It’s been long sleeves for too darn long.

Come join the pinning obsession. It’s procrastination at its finest.


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