Meeting My Nephew!

Yesterday, I journeyed to Towson and back to meet the new bundle of joy that is my nephew, Greyson. At 8 pounds 12 ounces, he’s on his way to being a linebacker, but even though he weighs more than a gallon of milk, everything about him still seems so tiny.

Greyson is now one of three nephews and one niece that I reign supreme aunthood over and having been in the aunt game since I was eight years old, I have long gone pro status.


Greyson is the first niece or nephew that has been born in my adult life, and I can’t help but marvel how much different it is to meet a new child now that I am no longer a child. When my oldest sister had my niece, I was still in elementary school and, I remember holding this tiny baby in my arms and thinking – I am an aunt! Oh snaps, I am going to be the coolest person in the third grade. I wonder if Digimon is on tonight.

However, as an adult, it was a much different experience to hold my nephew in my arms.

For the first time in my life, I saw the briefest glimpse of what it means to be a parent as I felt an unmistakable spark of fear when realizing that this tiny human in my arms will soon grow and grow, only to eventually walk into the world on his own.

I also felt the biggest sense of elation for my sister and her husband. There are some people and couples that you know will make great parents, and from the moment my sister told me she was pregnant, I knew she and my brother-in-law were going to raise an amazing son.

I really can’t wait to watch Greyson grow up. But, if there is one thing that has made me realize that I too am growing older, it is watching the infants that I once held in my arms growing along with me.


3 thoughts on “Meeting My Nephew!

  1. nyrmirez August 11, 2014 / 11:27 am

    Congratulations on becoming an aunt again! He is absolutely adorable!

    • Sam August 11, 2014 / 8:31 pm

      Thanks! :)

  2. Jen August 12, 2014 / 5:24 am

    Congratulations, Sam!! I’d love to be an aunt one day, but I’m the oldest, and my sister is currently single. :P

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