Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial

This gold smokey eye look is a little less intimidating than the traditional darker smokey eye and, can be easily worn for day and night.



1. Prep your lids by applying concealer under your eyes to brighten any circles and, apply eye primer to keep all the shadows we will be applying in place.

2. Using an angled brush, apply a dark brown shadow to your upper lash line, winging it out.


3. Apply a golden shadow to the inner 2/3 of your lid.

4. Apply a dark gold shadow to the remaining outer third of your lid.


5. Apply a dark shimmery brown shadow in the crease and blend it out. If you don’t blend, the shadow is going to look heavy and overly dark (i.e. racoonish).

6. Use a brown liner to tightline your upper and lower lash line.

7. Apply mascara (I am using brown mascara here) to your lashes and, highlighter to the inner corners of your eye and your brow bone.


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